The Acting Director of the Joint Warfare Centre, Major General Short, relinquished duties during a Change of Command Ceremony at Ulsnes. Air Marshal Walker, UK Air Force, took over the Command of the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) from Major General Short, UK Army, in a Change of Command Ceremony at JWC’s Training Facilities in Ulsnes today.

MG Short, who has commanded the Centre since 01 September 2004, had served as the Chief of Staff of Joint Headquarters North, which transitioned to become JWC on 23 October 2003, as part of Allied Command Transformation (ACT). During his farewell address he noted that it had been a great privilege for him to be the Director of the JWC at a time when great changes occurred in NATO. He said during this time the JWC had gone from strength to strength and gained a first class reputation for the training it provided and most importantly for the real life operation rehearsal mission exercises, such as the ISAF training.

“I praise all the members of the Joint Warfare Centre. I thank you all for the hard work and dedication. I thank the families who supported magnificently. I also thank Allied Command Transformation for their forbearance and confidence in us. I wish the Joint Warfare Centre every success in the future,“ he said.

The new Director of the Joint Warfare Centre, Air Marshal Walker will continue to support the combined and joint training requirements of the Operational Command under the Command of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT). Air Marshal Walker is no stranger to NATO. Commissioned to HQ AIRCENT as ACOS OPS in November 1996, he introduced an Air Strategy for PfP activities, developed a concept for Air C2 in the new NATO Command Structure and was instrumental in preparing countries for accession to NATO. His most recent tours included acting as ACOS Policy and Requirements Division at SHAPE in September 2002.

Presiding over the Ceremony was Admiral E.P. Giambastiani, Jr. (SACT). During his remarks he said: “Today is the bitter-sweet day. We say good-bye to an officer of the United Kingdom and NATO Alliance, and welcome another fine officer, Air Marshal Walker. There are six four-star NATO officers present here, at the Change of Command, not to recognize your Commander only, but also to recognize the performance and value what you do everyday, “ he said.

He added he was confident that Air Marshal Walker would be a tremendous Director for the Joint Warfare Centre and said: ” I look forward to working with you as you raise the bar of excellence here in the Joint Warfare Centre together with this wonderful crew. “