In a Change of Command Ceremony to be held at the JWC Training facilities at Ulsnes on Thursday, 03 February 2005, Air Marshall (AM) Peter Walker, UK Air Force will take over as Director of the JWC from Major General (MG) James Short, UK Army.

Major General James Short served as the Chief of Staff of Joint Headquarters North, which transitioned to become JWC on 23 October 2003, as part of Allied Command Transformation (ACT). Major General Short was appointed Director of the JWC, on 01 September 2004. Major General James Short received the NATO Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) in recognition of the delivery of an entirely new capability as part of NATO Transformation: the establishment of the Joint Warfare Centre.

Admiral Admiral E.P. Giambastiani, Jr. Commander Allied Command Transformation will preside over the Change of Command Ceremony. The Ceremony will begin at 1500 and end with a parade following speeches by MG Short, AM Walker and Admiral Giambastiani.

AM Walker’s previous NATO appointments include a tour at the former Headquarters AIRCENT in November 1996; and since 2002, AM Walker served at SHAPE as head of the Policy/Requirements Division until appointed as Director of the JWC.

The JWC is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway. Its mission is to promote and conduct NATO's joint and combined experimentation, analysis, and doctrine development processes to maximize transformational synergy and to improve NATO's capabilities and interoperability. The JWC assists the ACT’s developmental work on new technologies, modelling and simulation. The development of new concepts and doctrine for joint and combined staff is an essential part of its mission.