STAVANGER, Norway – After assuming command of NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) during a Change of Command Ceremony on July 10, 2019, German Navy Rear Admiral Jan C. Kaack paid courtesy visits to the County Governor of Rogaland and the Mayor of Stavanger, respectively, and visited the Naval Basic Training Centre Harald Hårfagre and the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre South.

On August 7, Kaack made first visit to the Naval Basic Training Centre Harald Hårfagre, more commonly known as “Camp Madla”, which celebrated its 70th anniversary at its premises in the historic fjord of Hafrsfjord in 2018.

Here, he met with Navy Captain Ronny Kristoffersen, the Commander, and toured the premises to gain first-hand knowledge. Camp Madla, the largest military training centre for conscripts in Norway, provides key support to the JWC by offering the most cost-effective accommodation for NATO’s operational staffs coming to Stavanger since 2004.

Kaack was appreciative of the opportunity to visit the County Governor of Rogaland, Lone Merethe Solheim, on August 8, during which he highlighted the importance of the distinctive partnership between Norway and NATO. During the visit, a range of topics related to civil protection, the rule of law, and other social issues were discussed in addition to some of the highlights of the Country Governor’s role as state’s coordination authority for the region.

Kaack paid a courtesy visit to the Honourable Mayor of Stavanger, Christine Sagen Helgø, on August 15. During the visit, Kaack underlined his appreciation for the unwavering friendship and continued support provided to the JWC in Stavanger. The Mayor welcomed this message and underlined her interest in the JWC’s mission and its overall role within NATO.

Finally, on August 16, Kaack and key members of his staff visited the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre South (Hovedredningssentralen Sør-Norge), which is headquartered in Sola, near Stavanger. Here, the JWC delegation was welcomed by the Executive Manager, Mr Jarle Øversveen, and received a mission briefing.

“From my perspective, these first visits in Stavanger have been very enlightening,” said Kaack. “Anytime we have the opportunity to meet our great community partners in Stavanger, share the mission, and keep the dialogue going, we are very happy to do so.”

Photos from the Visits


Rear Admiral Jan C. Kaack poses for a photograph with County Governor of Rogaland, Lone Merethe Solheim, August 8.


Rear Admiral Kaack with the Mayor of Stavanger, Christine Sagen Helgø, August 15.

SMALL CampMadla70yrs PhotoJWC 3025
Camp Madla celebrating its 70th anniversary, June 7, 2018. Photo by JWC PAO. Read more

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