The collaboration through CWIX allows NATO and Nations to better address technical interoperability issues well in advance of an operational deployment, thereby, reducing the risk of impact on operations, resource requirements and system failure in theatre.

"CWIX" stands for Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration, eXperimentation, eXamination, eXercise.

Who takes part in CWIX?
Scientists: eXploration of emerging interoperability standards and solutions through collaborative innovations activities.
Engineers: eXperimentation of new interoperability solutions and assess suitability for near term implementation.
Testers: eXamination of interoperability among fielded and soon to be fielded capabilities and generate scorecards.
Operational Users: eXercise of interoperable capabilities using a current scenario SKOLKAN (developed by JWC)

How does CWIX concern JWC?
The CWIX programme focuses on testing and improving the interoperability of NATO and national CIS capabilities. CWIX places specific emphasis on those systems that would be deployed in a NATO-led operation, such as NATO Response Force (NRF), Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) and Federated Mission Networking (FMN).

The NRF/VJTF Communication and Information System (CIS) testing and certification process will be implemented through a sequence of NATO exercises starting with CWIX, followed by the Steadfast Cobalt and culminating in Trident Juncture/Trident Joust.

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JWC outcomes in CWIX 2015:
FMN: Interoperability validation and verification of NATO Federated Mission Networking capabilities

• More concrete knowledge in:

– FMN concepts
– Implementation of CIS services based on FMN instructions and templates

• Contribution in FMN instructions and templates
• NCST will acquire knowledge that will help support C4 in making the JWC exercises “FMN compliant”, either in remote location or in support of third parties.

Cloud and Mobile Computing: An evaluation of the risks and benefits of Cloud/Mobile Computing

• JWC visibility as Focus Area Lead
– Promote JWC during visitor and VIP days
– Positive feedback from CWIX management
– Interaction with other Focus Areas, such as Modelling & Simulation

• Improved collaboration with Nations and HQ SACT
• Inside view to usage of technological solutions for exercises in the near future

Modelling & Simulation: Validation and verification of interoperability within NATO and of national modelling and simulation systems (MaSS) in a federated environment.

• Increase efficiency to achieve the exercise/training objectives, specifically those of the Trident series exercises.
• Test the scalability of the specific versions of C2 systems (ICC - LOGFAS - MCCIS - LC2IS) and their interoperability with the simulation model (JTLS 5.0).

Human Factors: Gather NATO engineers and operational personnel, participating Nations and agencies in a single location to develop, share and exchange knowledge, information and ideas on human factors performance.