In March 2007, 213 staff came together from organisations across NATO in JWC's Ulsnes Training Facility for an intense week of experimentation and training in "Enabler 07". ACO, ACT, JFC Brunssum, JFC Naples, JC Lisbon, JWC, JFTC, LCC Heidelberg, MCC Naples, MCC Northwood, ACC Ramstein, ACC Izmir, CIMIC COE, COE DAT, CJOS COE, CIMIC GN, NC3A, NCSA and NOBLE were all represented.

There were four capability areas for experimentation in "Enabler 07": Effects Based Approach to Operations (EBAO), Joint Situational Awareness/Joint Common Operational Picture (JSA/JCOP), Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) and Joint Time Sensitive Targeting (JTST). Additionally, current thinking on two capability areas was "exposed" to the Audience: Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED) and Intelligence Reach Back (IRB).

"Enabler 07" should be viewed as one part of a wider experimentation campaign, including Steadfast Jackpot 07 and Steadfast Jaw 07 and, potentially, other JWC venues.