May 11, 2005, Sant Climent, Spain - NATO is testing and certifying NATO Joint Command Lisbon`s ability to stand up a Deployed Joint Task Force (DJTF) and Combined Joint Task Force Headquarters (CJTF). The NATO Response Force (NRF) will conduct operations during exercises that will start on 17 May and will end on 3 June 2005.

Allied Action 05 (AA05) is a Command Post Exercise designed to certify the Joint Headquarters Command Lisbon (JCL), Portugal and its Component Commands to assume the responsibility for the next rotation of the NRF starting 1 July 2005. Based on SACEUR`s and COM JCL Training Objectives, the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) is responsible for providing the exercise construct and trainers to support Joint Headquarters Command Lisbon preparations for the NRF rotation.
Allied Action 05 is an opportunity for participants to practice the activation and deployment of the NRF. The NRF is a coherent, high readiness, joint, multinational force package, technologically advanced, deployable, sustainable and fully interoperable. NRF rotations 5 and 6 covered by JCL will be a major step forward for NATO. At the NRF Exercise Steadfast Jackpot in 2006, SACEUR will declare the NRF combat ready.
Throughout the month of April and into early May more than 3,500 personnel from 23 NATO member countries and 12 Partner countries participating in Exercise AA05 began arriving in Sant Climent, Spain to stand up this key exercise. Officers and enlisted soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and Special Forces breathed new life into the General Alvarez De Castro Military Base as they in-processed for this important exercise. After receiving security credentials, instructions for lodging, meals and duty assignments, personnel began to understand the uniqueness of this training opportunity.

"It is exciting to join the many talented men and women of NATO and Partnership for Peace countries to train in a multiforce environment to increase our collective security capabilities," said Brigadier General J. Fischer, German Army, Chief of Staff for Exercise Control, attached to the JWC.

"It is extremely important to certify Lisbon, and the training we accomplish here over the next two weeks will allow participants to practise the procedures for planning and mounting a sea based operation in accordance with the NRF and the CJTF concepts. Lisbon`s certification will enhance NATO`s ability to respond more robustly to a crisis" added Fisher.

As personnel join into the role playing component of Allied Action 05 they will not only be ensuring Lisbon`s success in becoming a CJTF, but they will learn important cultural and tactical lessons from their NATO Partners and create a stronger sense of unity among an ever growing NATO Alliance.