NATO commanders involved with NRF will deploy to Stavanger to attend a three-day study seminar called Allied Reach 05 (Exercise AR 05) 1-3 February 2005. For the last two weeks, much work has been done by the JWC staff to put this event on.

There had been coordination meetings for Stand-Up events and a functional area training based on personnel assignment. The aim was to fulfil the responsibilities essential for the successful conduct of an exercise with such a high-level of participants and to utilize Ulsnes as a model training facility with the readily available resources and capabilities. BG Mueller, JWC Chief of Staff, ensured that their most important objective was to establish the best conditions for a rewarding seminar. The Support Group is divided into sections such as Real Life Support, Communication and Information Systems, Security, Protocol and Public Information. These elements will provide assistance and expertise beginning with the arrivals of the training audience, during their familiarization with the working environment in Ulsnes and the follow-on study period, until the day of their departure. The exercise will also include a joint press conference on 1 February 2005. Being an Implementation Arm of ACT, the JWC plays a vital role in enhancing joint and combined training at the operational level for NATO. AR 05 will be a demanding exercise, which prepares the NRF commanders for future tasks.