Allied Warrior (AW 05) is a SHAPE/Allied Command Operations (ACO) Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX) designed to integrate and certify combat readiness for the Land- and Air components for the NRF rotation January-June 2006 (NRF VI).

AW 05 includes a four-phase joint-level training for 3rd UK Division (LCC) and UK JFAC HQ (ACC) under the command of Joint Force Command Lisbon (JFC Lisbon). These phases are Academics, Crisis Response Planning, a CPX of NRF stand-alone operation and an After-Action Review. The "Zoran Sea Crisis", which was used during Exercise Allied Action 05, has been adjusted to conduct a Crisis Response Operation (CRO) in the Air and Land Component Command level. This includes CRO planning procedures, mounting the Air and Land components of the NRF for deployment and establishing the command and control structure in the Area of Operations beyond NATO's Area of Responsibility.

The aim of the exercise is to demonstrate clearly that NATO is able to integrate, activate, prepare and deploy the parent headquarters with the component commands and selected units, within the NRF Operational Readiness Timelines.

The JWC will be responsible for the scenario management of AW 05 and together with HQ SACT, the JWC will take on the role of joint training of Observer/Trainers and providing template documents for manning, training and exercise control. To this end, a Main Events List/Main Incidents List (MEL/MIL) Workshop was conducted at Ulsnes Training Facility in Stavanger from 21 - 28 October 2005 with participants from all the respective HQ's.

Phase III of AW 05 will be conducted at two sites respectively, from 21 October - 7 December 2005, one being at Montijo, Lisbon and the Exercise Control (EXCON) being here at Stavanger. The JWC will enable the EXCON support for the exercise at Ulsnes for approximately 150 personnel from NATO's operational commands.

The NRF will achieve Full Operational Capability in 2006.