Joint Warfare Centre will conduct Exercise LOYAL JEWEL 09 until 6 November 2009 at its training facility in Ulsnes. LOYAL JEWEL 09 is an Allied Command Operations sponsored NATO Response Force (NRF) exercise, designed to serve as a major step in the training and evaluation of NRF-14 within its certification process.

The exercise aim
The exercise aims to utilize NATO's land based Joint Force Command headquarters and its Deployable Joint Task Force (DJSE) capability in a NATO-led Crisis Response Operation (CRO) under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. Moreover, it will support the declaration of the Full Operational Capability of the second DJSE, which is provided by NATO Allied Land Component Command Madrid.

Strong connection
The exercise has strong connection with NATO's STEADFAST series of exercises and aims to practice critical tasks in Allied expeditionary operations, such as sustainment and logistics, in order to assess the adequency of planning and force generation for the conduct of NRF operations. As the Exercise Director, Lt General Korte, Director JWC, is responsible for the detailed planning and the overall execution of NATO's STEADFAST Series of exercises and the ongoing LOYAL JEWEL 09.

Requirements of rapid response
The missions of NRF mirrors primarily the requirements of rapid response in the initial phase of a crisis situation deployed as a stand-alone force for Crisis Response, such as Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations; support to Consequence Management; Crisis Response Operations and support to Counter-Terrorism Operations.