From 1 December until 14 December Joint Warfare Centre will conduct the NATO Response Force (NRF) Exercise STEADFAST JAW. This exercise is the final step in the process of training, integrating and certifying of NRF 10 forces.

The exercise is a command post and computer assisted exercise with a geographically wide spread training audience. Key participants apart from the Joint Warfare Centre are NATO’s Joint Force Command Headquarters in Naples with it's sub commands in Izmir and Madrid together with the STRIKE FORCE NATO.

Key players
Other key players are the German/Netherland Corps in Germany, the French Maritime Force at sea, The German Psychological Operation Center and The German Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Joint Assessment Team.

Expeditionary capabilities
The exercise will comprise elements that test and develop NATO´s expeditionary capabilities, and ensure that relevant NATO concepts are trained. It will prepare key leaders and their staff for conducting a Crises Response Operation.