To be a highly qualified and customer-oriented training centre for NATO and the Nations, IM/C4 frameworks, architectures and capabilities, including specific exercise, training, education and functional services, must be state-of-the-art and tailored to the unique mission of the JWC.

Exercise, Training, Education and Evaluation (ETEE) Functional Services (FS) are closely supporting Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) business, particularly in the areas of CAX, Scenario development and management, Main Events List and Main Incidents List (MEL/MIL), Opposing Forces (OPFOR) and training analysis as well as Information Management and Command, Control, Computer and Communication (IM/C4).

It has to be understood that these tools and services have a significant impact on the quality of the JWC's main task, namely to deliver the best possible training and exercise environment for our demanding audiences.

ETEE FS directly support the heartbeat of JWC EXCON operations through all phases of an exercise process, including both planning and execution. Since the JWC is one of the key stakeholders in the ETEE arena, we have an essential interest in getting this right and tailored to our requirements, whether by specifically designed tools and services developed for our needs, or procured from commercial sources.

In 2016, JWC took over the initiative to review one of NATO's Capability Packages related to ETEE, with full support from Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (HQ SACT) Joint Force Trainer. The Centre then established a cross-functional "ETEE FS Project Team" consisting of subject matter experts from a variety of JWC branches including, CIS, Content, Scenario, CAX, and Quality Assurance, under the project lead of the IM/C4 Branch and the FS Manager.

Project milestones included the "JWC Requirement and Process Analysis Study" amongst others, published in September 2017 for HQ SACT. As an outcome of this report, the Centre planned and executed a cross-functional multi-stakeholder commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) trial, investigating open source free market solutions between January and April 2018, as well as a TOPFAS study analyzing the potential of existing Operational Functional Services for employment in the Exercise and Training domain.

Over the past two years the ETEE FS concepts and requirements have been captured, documented and re-written by IM/C4 FS Manager, Major Anne Haraldsen (NOR A,) and Quality Assurance Analyst Mr Andrew Eden. The complete review of the Capability Package scope, as tasked by HQ SACT, will be accomplished by mid-February 2019. The current findings and products are straightforward recommendations for development, reuse of existing tools and services and a call for innovation options to establish cost efficient, manageable and tailored solutions to our desires outcomes.

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Captain (Ret.) Stuart Furness, HQ SACT; Major Anne Haraldsen and Lieutenant Colonel Dieter Heumueller

EFEE IMC4 PhotoJWC 0036 small1

JWC ETEE FS Project Team

The journey of the past two years has been paired with eye-opening perspectives on cross-functional processes, desires and interfaces. Involving all exercise planners at the JWC gave IM/C4 the most effective way-ahead approach on how the Centre would like to be supported by ETEE FS tools and services in the future. The current findings will reduce the costs and complexity, without missing mandatory functionalities.

There will be an in-depth article about ETEE FS and its role in warfare development in the Winter edition of Three Swords Magazine.

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