STAVANGER, Norway – NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) hosted a two-day staff level visit regarding Human Capital Development, June 5, 2019.

Lieutenant Colonel Burkhard Schmidt-Bruecken, HQ Allied Command Transformation (HQ SACT) Section Head for Human Capital Enhancement and Individual Training Branch, and Lieutenant Colonel Andreas Frosch, JADL (Joint Advanced Distributed Learning) Instructional System Designer and member of HQ SACT’s Innovation Tiger Team, conducted two days of meetings with JWC members on innovation, organizational culture and NATO e-Learning training.

On the second day, they gave a series of briefings on these topics to some of the staff of the JWC.

The goal of the lectures was to illustrate many of the innovative training solutions HQ SACT provides to their staff to ensure they are best prepared for their role in NATO Transformation. The guest presenters provided a broad portfolio ranging from pre-arrival training, newcomers training and training programmes which are offered to staff throughout their posting at HQ SACT.

In terms of Human Capital, there were some exciting advancements in Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) recently. ADL has come a long way since its inception and now adopts more dynamic, modern approaches with engaging video feeds, the ability to check the learner’s knowledge in real time, and a narrative approach to ensure that the content is relevant and engaging to the learner.

The presenters also provided an insight into the executive training they are offering to the leaders in their organisation recognizing that leading in NATO can be markedly different to leading in your own nation.

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The lecture was moderated by JWC’s Organizational Development and Culture Facilitator, Mr Paul Sewell, who stressed that both the JWC and HQ SACT stands to benefit from the discussions over these two days.

“We’re confident that this two-day visit has strengthened the linkage between our two organisations regarding the focus on our Human Capital and innovation. We have a number of initiatives and products through our One Team Programme they will look to integrate into HQ SACT. However, we will also definitely be adopting some of their approaches to Command training in the near future,” said Sewell.

After the lecture, the guests participated in a Q&A session that followed.

In the context of NATO’s adaptation, the JWC hosted NATO’s first Human Capital Development Workshop in March, which focused on a variety of Human Capital issues providing a unique perspective to discussions on NATO’s future Human Capital Roadmap.

HQ SACT have the clear lead in the Human Capital initiative, however, the JWC already has much to offer in this regard.

“We are going to make a difference,” Royal Navy Vice Admiral Paul Bennett CB OBE, ACT Chief of Staff, said in his opening remarks during the March event.

“My biggest priority is to do what I can to help facilitate change in the way we deliver Human Capital initiatives. We have to use our intellectual capacity and transform it into an Alliance game changer.”

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Human Capital Development Workshop, 20 March 2019, Joint Warfare Centre

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