NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) conducted the fifth Individual Augmentee Pre-Deployment Training (IAPDT 12-02) at its training facility in Jåttå from 20 to 26 September 2012. The IAPDT 12-02 trained a total of 94 Individual Augmentees (IAs) from 10 NATO Member and four Partner Nations. The IAs will start filling key staff and command positions in Headquarters International Security Assistance Force (HQ ISAF) and ISAF Joint Command (HQ IJC) in Afghanistan at the beginning of November this year and in January 2013. 12 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) recently redeployed from the two theatre headquarters also participated in the event. The biggest group of IAs came from the U.S. III Corps, Fort Hood, Texas, which is the largest active duty armoured post in the United States Armed Services.

The IAPDT 12-02, like its predecessors, was built on first-hand, on-the-ground experience incorporated into the training scenario, aiming to present an extensive overview of the entire mission both at the HQ ISAF and HQ IJC level. The most recent programme included Mission Specific Training, Electronic Working Practices/Functional Systems, ISAF and IJC Working Practices, COIN Seminars and Functional Area Training as well as 21 video teleconferences with the Afghan theatre of operations that allowed the Training Audience to interact real-time with the senior leadership, such as HQ ISAF Chief of Staff French Army Lieutenant General Olivier de Bavinchove, who himself attended a pre-deployment training event in Stavanger prior to his Afghan tour and HQ IJC Chief of Staff British Army Major General Tim Radford.

French Army Major General Jean-Fred Berger said: “I am very pleased to see such a large Training Audience of IAs here in Stavanger. Many of them represent a wide cross-section of NATO countries, while others come from non-NATO Nations that are part of the 50-Nation Coalition in Afghanistan. We are at a critical juncture in the ISAF mission. Our goal here is to enable the Training Audience to understand the Commander’s strategic focus on Transition, the operational progress in our shared campaign with the Afghan National Security Force’s fighting men and women, the working environment, processes and practices in theatre, as well as the interrelationships across the ISAF mission. Saying that, the real heart of the training event is the SME support we get from recently redeployed personnel and from theatre. The IAPDT is nothing without their knowledge and dedication. The JWC will call upon this Training Audience and welcome its members back as our future SMEs to train the next rotation of personnel bound for Afghanistan. We are all committed to Afghanistan’s brighter future, and the JWC is absolutely driven to provide the timeliest and most relevant pre-deployment training and apply its best effort for the mission success of our troops now and through 2014 and beyond.” IMG 4637

He then cited three hints for success: “Build your relationships early, take time for fun and stay safe.”

The IAPDT is a biannual NATO sponsored pre-deployment training event designed for staff who are going on deployment to Afghanistan and are unable to attend the also biannual Mission Rehearsal Training Events.

The upcoming issue of the JWC's "The Three Swords" magazine will have extensive coverage of the IAPDT 12-02 including interviews.