ISAF Training Event 14/01 (ISAF TE14/01) is a Headquarters Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) directed Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRE) to be held 30 May -13 June 14 at the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC), Jatta, Stavanger, Norway.

Facts about the training event

ISAF TE 14/01 will train, rehearse and contribute to the overall preparation of Standing Headquarters (SHQs) and Individual Augmentees (IA) from ISAF Troop Contributing Nations (TCNs) that will be assigned to Headquarters International Security and Assistance Force (HQ ISAF), including the Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG) and ISAF Joint Command (IJC).

ISAF TE 14/01 is adapted to take into account the evolution of the mission in theatre and the wider role played by Advisors at ministerial level.

The training will focus on the transition to “RESOLUTE SUPPORT” and “Train, Advise and Assist” within the framework of functionally based Security Force Assistance Concept of Operations.

Consequently the programme and the curriculum are dedicating large room for Ministerial capacity building and ANSF development, not only during the Mission Specific Training but also during the Functional Area Training, the Battle Staff Training and the Mission Rehearsal Exercise.

The Training Audience

The Training Audience (TA) for this exercise consists of personnel from Joint Force Command Naples (JFCNP), Multi-National Corps North-East (MNC-NE) and Individual Augmentees (IA) from ISAF Troop Contributing Nations (TCNs).

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Individual Augmentees (lAs) are an integral part of each HO, including the MAG. As a matter of fact, a large number of lAs are expected to participate into ISAF TE 14/01.

Just like in theatre, lAs are also critical to the successful achievement of training objectives for during the MRT. Participation of the lAs in the TE is not only a crucial part of their personal pre-deployment training, it is also crucial for the successful training of the staff as a whole. ISAF TE 14/01 provides lAs with the best possible training and opportunities for team-building alongside those with whom they will be working when deployed.

Therefore, ISAF TCNs are most strongly encouraged to take all possible measures to enable the attendance of their lAs.

IMPORTANT: For the tentative list of Individual Augmentees expected to attend ISAF TE 14/01 contact JWC PAO at or

Lt Col Thor Randulff at

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Training highly recommended for OF-5 / OF-6 and above and those deploying to MAG

Attendance is highly recommended for individuals deploying to the Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG) as ISAF TE 14/01 is adapted to meet the specific training requirements of the Enterprises Advisory Group and of the Advisors nominated for Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior.

Thus the training comprises dedicated hands-on modules to develop cultural awareness, advisory skills, knowledge of Afghan Security Institutions, understanding of Ministerial enterprises and ANSF functional pillars.

OF-5/O-6 and above are also encouraged to attend ISAF TE 14/01. This venue will offer KLs the opportunity for team building with the staff they will direct in theatre and with other key leaders.

Attendance to ISAF TE 14/01 should not compete with ISAF Key Leader Training 14-1 scheduled 29 Apr -08 May 2014.

These are two complementary training events and KLs should attend both . The ISAF KLT programme is dedicated to OF-5 and above deploying to HQ ISAF and HQ IJC as well as the MAG.

For more information about the outline timeline for ISAF TE 14/01 MRE contact Lt Colonel Thor Randulff at:

Email:(NS) JWC JED EXPL ISAF Randulff, Thor OF-4


Telephone: NCN -323-9432 or commercial +47 52879432.

Please be reminded that completion of the Joint Advanced Distributed Learning (JADL) is mandatory prior to all NATO Pre-Deployment Training events and a certificate of completion is requested during the in-processing at JWC. Failure to produce ADL certificates will be reported to Theatre.


FOR REAL LIFE SUPPORT INFORMATION (including in/out-processing) JWC Points of Contact

a. Maj. Christina Gross (RLS Planner) Tel.: NCN: 323-9252, Commercial: +47 5287 9252. Mail (NS/Cronos): JWC EBSD ES Gross, C. Email (NU/Open):

b. SGT Christer Tjessem (Security Assistant) Tel. : NCN : 323-9222 , Commercial: +47 5287 9222. Mail (NS/Cronos): JWC EBSD SEC Tjessem, Christer OR-6. Email (NU/Open):

C. Mr. David Keane (Protocol) Tel.: NCN: 323-9141, Commercial : +47 5287 9141. Mail (NS/Cronos): JWC CG DaM PRTCL Keane D. Email (NU/Open):