Commanders and staff from NATO Deployable Reaction Corps Turkey (NDRC-T) has been at NATO s JOINT WARFARE CENTRE to prepare and train for operations in Afghanistan as the core part of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Headquarters.

The headquarters is coming from Istanbul and is the 4th NATO led headquarters to be deployed to Afghanistan early next year. The training, which will start Monday 29 Nov and last until 11 Dec, will be conducted at JOINT WARFARE CENTRE`s training facilities at Ulsnes outside Stavanger.

The training focuses on issues for of an operational-level headquarters deployed to Afghanistan and include instruction on crisis management, command and control of forces, the operational planning process, and integration of all aspects of civil-military cooperation, including liaison with the UN, Red Cross, and other international organisations. The final part of the training is a Command Post Exercise where the commander and his staff will have the opportunity to handle situations similar to those they will meet in Afghanistan.

Allied Command for Operations, who is responsible for operations in Afghanistan, continues to enhance its existing role through the ISAF operation in Afghanistan. This operation is welcomed by the Government of Afghanistan and is in a logical continuation and natural extension of NATO role and commitment to stability. NATO will continue its operations in Afghanistan and continues to deploy an expanded force to assist with stability and security operations. NATO role remains firmly anchored in the UNSCRs and the Bonn Agreement that set the course for this nation.