STAVANGER, Norway On the 03 October twenty-eight key leaders from Iraq's security forces arrived in Stavanger. They are the third group to receive training at NATO Joint Warfare Center as part of NATO Training Mission to Iraq.

NATO gives this training on request from the Iraqi authorities. The ten-day course has been tailored to Iraqi requirements. Participants include senior military and civilian staffs from Iraq's Ministry of defense and Ministry of the Interior who were specially selected by Iraq as "Key Leaders".

The main objective is to help Iraq build the capability of its government to address the security needs of the Iraqi people. The course is focusing on the management of an operational-level headquarters and includes instruction on crisis management, command and control of forces, the operational planning process, and integration of all aspects of civil-military cooperation, including liaison with the UN, Red Cross, and other international organizations.

As NATO's lead center for training both the Alliance battle staffs for Afghanistan and the NATO Response Forces, the JWC is well placed to offer training that is extremely relevant to the challenges and opportunities these key leaders face in rebuilding their country.