Headquarters International Security Assistance Force (HQ ISAF) and ISAF Joint Command (HQ IJC) Mission Rehearsal Training Event (ISAF TE 10/01) took place at the Joint Warfare Centre’s Ulsnes Interim Training Facility, Stavanger, Norway from 10-25 June 2010 with the participation of more than 800 service members from HQ Rapid Reaction Corps - France; Force Command HQ Heidelberg and United States Army V Corps.

ISAF TE 10/01 was the last and most extensive training session of several conducted this year by the Allied forces for their July deployment to Afghanistan. The planning process of the training started at the beginning of February in close coordination between Joint Force Command Brunssum, HQ ISAF and the Joint Warfare Centre. The training was exceptional due to the high participation rate of individual augmentees as well as the meticulous planning and coordination with the Subject Matter Experts coming from the two theatre headquarters.

ISAF TE 10/01 was designed to replicate the mission in Afghanistan. Overall, the Mission Rehearsal aimed at collective training and integrating staff deploying to Afghanistan and providing them with a common understanding of Afghanistan as well as practising staff procedures prior to actually deploying into theatre in the period July to September 2010.

"All training objectives are achieved during the Mission Rehearsal Training. Our success was a direct result of four main factors: detailed planning between Joint Force Command Brunssum, Joint Warfare Centre, HQ ISAF and ISAF Joint Command staff; stringent preparation by the French Rapid Reaction Corps, Force Command Heidelberg and United States Army V Corps; high participation rate of individual augmentees and invaluable mentoring by Flag and Field Grade officers who currently serve, or recently served, in Afghanistan," said Lieutenant General Wolfgang Korte, Commander Joint Warfare Centre.