Part of the JWC mission is to assist the developmental and experimental work of ACT on new concepts, technologies, Modelling and Simulation. Playing an active role in CWIX is a natural consequence for JWC and NCST.

"The Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration, eXperimentation and eXamination eXercise (CWIX) tests the physical instantiation of concepts such as capability development and integration. The Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) is a key contributor to both," said U.S. Army Colonel William Jones, Chief C4 Event Support at the JWC, in an article which is published in JWC's latest edition of The Three Swords magazine.

WHAT IS CWIX? You can watch the video here

Under Allied Command Transformation (ACT) lead, CWIX is currently taking place at the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) in Bydgoszcz, Poland from 04 until 19 June 2014 with the aim to achieve the highest levels of interoperability between different national and NATO information systems throughout Europe and North America.

Nearly 1,000 engineers, technicians, operational users and observers from 18 Nations are working together in focus areas such as cyber defence, the Federated Mission Networking, Modelling and Simulation, and Situational Awareness information systems.


JWC and NATO Communications and Information Agency Squadron Stavanger (NCST) have built a single team to execute several tests in the following fields:

- Cloud Computing to enable CIS administrators to assign limited resources dynamically without granting external organizations a direct access to the CIS infrastructure;

- Secure Thin Clients to provide end users access to different levels of security networks from a single desktop in order to significantly reduce required CIS devices;

- Mobile initiative which is dedicated to:

1. support JWC Training Audiences and inform the JWC staff with non-sensitive information through an App downloaded into private smart phones;

2. provide JWC personnel with access to their unclassified office desktop through the Internet wherever they are.

- Cyber Defence as player in a vignette dedicated to an insider cyber-attack occurring during an ongoing operation.

In addition to technical networking mentioned above, JWC supports CWIX by providing:

- Resources to enable the cyber-defence vignette;
- Data-Centre Cloud resources;
- CIS Analyst to support the Analyst Working Group in the Cloud and Mobile Computing Focus Area.

Next year CWIX will be more challenging because, in addition to new testing, JWC will take the lead for the Cloud and Mobile Computing Focus Area, dubbed as "Transformation through Innovation".