An intensive training programme awaits TRIDENT JUNCTURE 15 (TRJE 15) Exercise Control (EXCON) participants from 28 September to 2 October, prior to the two-week execution phase of the Command Post Exercise (CPX) which will take place at the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) in Stavanger, Norway.

TRJE 15 is NATO’s flagship exercise this year and the main vehicle for NATO Response Force (NRF) 16 certification under the lead of Joint Force Command (JFC) Brunssum.

The exercise, which will be conducted in two phases (CPX and LIVEX) aims to train NATO’s joint forces on Command and Control (C2) and joint interoperability, allowing them to deploy and train together in a very demanding environment while demonstrating NATO’s capabilities and readiness to face a high-intensity crisis.

The principal director of the computer-driven CPX is German Army Major General Reinhard Wolski, Commander JWC.

TRJE 15 CPX is built on SOROTAN, the fictional exercise scenario set on the non-existent continent of Cerasia. Created by the scenario team at JWC, NATO’s new scenario reflects a very complex threat environment and looks to challenge NATO’s joint forces with a wide range of conventional and unconventional threats, including hybrid warfare.

The EXCON organization is the Stavanger-based control function where participants develop, execute and control the exercise’s flow using the Joint Exercise Management Module (JEMM). The goal of the EXCON training is to enhance the participants‘ proficiency and understanding of the intricacies of the scenario in order to provide a very challenging and realistic CPX in October.

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A war-gaming video prepared by JWC's Media Section was presented to the EXCON participants.

DID YOU KNOW? A Command Post Exercise (CPX) is a computer assisted simulation with no live fire or manoeuvre exercises associated. The concept of a CPX is to test and evaluate the abilities of the Command Posts’ battle staffs to establish and execute command, control, communications and computer capabilities, while integrating various joint warfighting and civilian agency functions.