In celebration of the 22nd anniversary of Germany’s unification, the German Element in Stavanger, Norway, hosted a festive reception on 3 October for all Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) staff, represented by 20 Nations, and their families.

“The Day of German Unity” (Tag der Deutschen Einheit) is a national holiday in Germany and it commemorates the anniversary of the German unification that went into effect in 1990, a year after the Iron Curtain was torn down. Following the welcome speech by the German Senior National Representative, Navy Captain Axel Seemann, JWC’s Chief Joint Capability Integration Division (JCID), the guests enjoyed the anniversary reception featuring traditional German culinary specialties along with German wines, as well as various cultural presentations. Also recognized during the reception was the German Air Force Warrant Officer (WO) Stefan Jahn who received an award for 25 years of service. Edited IMG 4820 websiteEdited IMG 4826 website