NATO Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) held its annual International Day celebration in Jåttå, Stavanger, on Sunday 20 January 2019.

“The International Day gives everyone the opportunity to get together, to taste delicious food and drinks from different countries and celebrate our amazing cultural diversity,” said German Navy Commander Malte Reichel, Acting Head of the JWC's Community Services Section. “But the food was not our only focus. We also offered guided tours of the Centre to the registered family members so that they learned more about the JWC’s mission.”

During his speech, Polish Army Major General Andrzej Reudowicz, Commander JWC, highlighted the importance of the International Day saying that it exemplified the best of the JWC’s culturally diverse community. “This is a great event where we can enjoy delicious platters of food and appreciate our ‘One Team’ of 15 Nations, which plays a major role in maintaining our unique mission,” he said.

This year, again, there was something for everyone, regardless of age! Different cultures were highlighted through food which included a fantastic selection of dishes from 12 Nations, spread over more than 30 tables. The food served at this year’s International Day included dishes from different countries such as Turkish döner and şekerpare; Spanish gazpacho and Santiago’s cake; Italian lasagne, pizza and tiramisu; Czech dumplings, American cowboy caviar, German kiwi tart and apple pie, British fish and chips, and French crêpes.

The International Day is organized and hosted by the Centre’s community support team.

Established on 23 October 2003 in Stavanger, Norway, the Joint Warfare Centre provides NATO’s training focal point for full spectrum joint operational-level warfare. The Centre is a multi-national and multi-service NATO organization with more than 250 military and civilian personnel from 15 NATO Nations: Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Photos from International Day 2019

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