The Main Event List/Main Incident List (MEL/MIL) Conference and STARTEX Validation Workshop for Exercise STEADFAST JUNO 10 has started on 11 October 2010 at JWC's Ulsnes Interim Training Facility with participation from HQ SHAPE, JFC Naples, CC Air Izmir, HQ NRDC Italy, UK Maritime Force, CC Land HQ Madrid, Special Operations Component Command-Turkey and Czech Republic CBRN Defence Battalion.

The aim of the MEL/MIL Scripting Workshop was to finalize the incident development and to script all associated injections in accordance with the exercise scenario as well as to set and finalize the simulation database. Also for each injection, 'Expected Outcomes' were created that comply with the Exercise Objectives and meet the Training Audience's Level of Ambition. In addition, SHAPE was represented to provide an extensive Strategic Communications (STRATCOM) overview to JWC's 'Expected Outcomes'.

The responsibilities of the NRF are operated on a rotational basis. The Execution Phase of SFJO 10, which will be conducted in December this year, is an Allied Command Operations (ACO) sponsored NATO Response Force (NRF) exercise, designed to serve as a major step in the training and evaluation of the 16th rotation of the NRF in 2011 and will be led by Commander JFC Naples. SFJO 10 will be executed as a three-level Deployable Force exercise for a NATO-led Crisis Response Operation to train and exercise JFC Naples (as Joint HQ Main) and DJSE Madrid (as JHQ Forward Element) commanding and controlling a multinational deployed force. In accordance with the revised NRF concept, the exercise will be tailored within a Smaller Joint Operation beyond SACEUR's Area of Operations in support of a UN mandated peacekeeping operation. The fictitious scenario of the exercise is based on extensive challenges related to an asymmetric environment.

NATO's STEADFAST series of exercises are designed to continuously develop the experditionary capabilities required for future NATO missions.