STAVANGER, Norway - NATO's Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) will host and conduct ISAF X Composite Headquarters Mission Rehearsal Training from 9-19 October 2006 at its Ulsnes Training Facility.

Joint Warfare Centre is executing this training event in support of the ISAF mission to further NATO's goal to support the Government of Afghanistan in providing and maintaining a secure environment in order to facilitate the re-building of Afghanistan. Mission Rehearsal Training has continually evolved and has been recognized as an excellent preparation exercise for the ISAF mission. The JWC conducted its last ISAF MRT for the NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (HQ ARRC) in March 2006.

NATO's ARRC which currently leads ISAF until February 2007, was the last ISAF Headquarters to deploy under the "core headquarters" model. To end the six-month rotation of ISAF headquarters and bring greater stability to the mission, NATO will provide a composite headquarters to form the permanent core of the ISAF headquarters. The creation of a permanent ISAF headquarters adds stability, increases continuity and enables nations to play a stronger role within a multinational structure.

The Mission Rehearsal Training is aimed at developing ISAF X's operational battle and staff processes and will comprise the following training blocks: Individual Training, Key Leader Training, Mission Specific Training, Functional Area Training, Cross Functional Training, Battle Staff Training and Mission Rehearsal Exercise.

Within the MRT Exercise Control structure there will be representatives from the U.S. Central Command, U.S. Joint Forces Command, U.S. Combined Joint Task Force 76, Multinational Corps Northeast and Headquarters ISAF IX, with their fresh in-theatre experience. In addition, several military, diplomatic leaders and distinguished visitors will attend the training event.

On 5 October 2006, the NATO-led ISAF has expanded its operations to include the East of Afghanistan and assumed security, stabilization and reconstruction duties across all of Afghanistan with a force of approximately 31,000 soldiers from 37 nations. As NATO's mission in Afghanistan continues to evolve, so does the level of ambition for training. The NATO-led ISAF has well-equipped, well-led and fully prepared forces with robust rules of engagement to operate in a more challenging environment and deal with any threats. To that end, the Joint Warfare Centre's mission is pivotally important in order to adequately prepare the ISAF X Battle Staff for real world operations.