NATO's Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) is currently conducting a modified ISAF training for Composite Headquarters at its Ulsnes Training Facility until 14th of February.

The ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) training event aims to train augmentee staff assigned to Headquarters ISAF for the successful conduct of their real world operations.

This implies,

  • Promoting continuity and common standards
  • Establishing mission awareness in individuals
  • Establishing functional area awareness
  • Facilitating and rehearsing staff action and interactions

The ISAF Composite Headquarters consists of three main entities: Command Group, a nominated NATO Headquarters as Standing Headquarters and augmentees from NATO Nations.

This training event will be different from previous events due to the implementation of the Composite Headquarters model, but, the Mission Rehearsal Training will be based on the pre-deployment training model used for previous ISAF Headquarters and is aimed at developing ISAF operational battle and staff processes.

Operational Seminar
This ISAF training event will be a vignette-based "Operational Seminar" conducted by Subject Matter Experts, Senior Mentors and Observer/Trainers. The aim of the Operational Seminar is to familiarize the Training Audience with some of the principal corporate activities and processes of ISAF Headquarters, such as, joint planning, joint coordination, reconstruction and development, campaign assessment as well as functional area specific challenges. Joint Warfare Centre is responsible for the conduct of the Operational Seminar including the development of vignette play and hot wash-up.

All participants will receive training on Mission Specific Training, to include training on Functional Area Systems and Functional Area Training.

Real world operations
Joint Warfare Centre is executing this training event in support of the ISAF mission to further NATO's goal to support the Government of Afghanistan in providing and maintaining a secure environment in order to facilitate the re-building of Afghanistan. ISAF has a force of approximately 35,000 soldiers from 37 Nations. Joint Warfare Centre's mission is pivotally important in order to adequately prepare the ISAF battle staff for real world operations.