NATO’s Information Knowledge Management (IKM) subject matter experts convened at the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) in Stavanger, Norway, to discuss current developments and the way ahead in the planning and execution of pivotal IKM functions and services for NATO.

The bi-annual Bi-SC IKM Working Group, hosted by the JWC from 5 to 7 March, provided a syndicate-based forum for the participants to present and discuss a variety of topics under the umbrella of IKM.

The working group was attended by over 45 IKM experts from across NATO and its member agencies with the aim to enable decision-makers and staff to have the right information at the right time to support NATO objectives.

The IKM Working Group was co-chaired by Group Captain Dave Keighley, Allied Command Operations (ACO) Information Management and Resilience Branch Head, and Colonel Sean Lewis, Allied Command Transformation (ACT) IKM Branch Head.

NATO’s IKM staff primarily help manage the life cycle of information from receipt in a headquarters to disposal/ archiving via the IKM suite of tools (e.g. NATO Information Portal, Electronic Document Management System and Tasker Tracker Plus), which is overall a critical function to internal management of NATO organizations.

The IKM Working Group has recently gone through a change of format to better leverage the expertise of the participants by moving from merely briefings/discussions to syndicate work focused deeply on the most important IKM issues facing the Alliance.

“When JWC offered to host this meeting, the Bi-SC commands jumped at the opportunity as the organization, infrastructure and staff are ideally suited for this approach,” said Colonel Lewis.

“Due to JWC’s gracious support, the IKM Working Group was able to update critically required directives, optimize processes and incrementally approve IKM tools all of which enable the users and contribute to mission success,” he added.

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