In the continuing contribution to NATO’s training of Iraqi security forces, JWC provides a bilingual course, which covers the full spectrum of managing an operational-level headquarters; including crisis management, joint command and control of forces, the operational planning process, civil-military cooperation.

As part of NATO’s training effort, JWC conducted the first out-of-country NATO course in November 2004. Mid-to-high ranking key leaders were provided with topics relevant to nation-building such as, post-conflict reconstruction and command and control in strategic and tactical operations. As follow-on to the first training, and in line with valuable experiences gained from the first course, these subjects evolved comprehensively in the current training program.

The actual training started on 15 March 2005. Air Marshal Walker, Director JWC, said he was pleased to be able to host and support NATO’s training program at JWC. He then informed the Iraqis about the essentials of the training event. “I hope that you gain much professional benefit from the course and have a thoroughly pleasant stay in Stavanger,” he said.

A senior member of the trainees then thanked for the opportunity provided by NATO helping them build up their nation. He emphasized that the training opened a new chapter for Iraq’s present and future generations. “We hope our cooperation continues. We will take back this knowledge with us and get benefit for our country,” he said. The initial NATO Training Implementation Mission arrived in Iraq on 14 August, as a result of a request from the Iraqi Interim Government made on 22 June, following the NATO decision to support Iraq during the Istanbul Conference. All 26 Allies are contributing to NATO’s training of Iraqi security forces, either in Iraq, outside of Iraq, through financial contributions or donations of equipment. The aims of this mission are training, equipping and technical assistance – not combat.