Hosted by Air Marshal Walker, Director JWC, the discussions aimed to identify the roles and responsibilities of the three Centres. Some of the other visitors were Rear Admiral Gerard Maurer, Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, Joint Experimentation, Exercises and Assessment, HQ SACT, Major General Peter Kuhnel, Director JFTC, Navy Captain Mike Lucarelli, CSI, HQ SACT, Colonel Jose Castelao, Chief of Staff, JALLC.

"The meeting was to discuss the future issues for 'JJJ' and ACT as we look to Full Operational Capality (FOC) in June 2006. Topics included were the Lessons Learned process, the JWC PE review, Training, Certification and Experimentation, Budgetary authority as well as reviewing the 'JJJ' Offsite tasks produced at Bydgoszcz last year. We will now write up an agreed list of follow up actions to be later forwarded during the next few months," said Air Marshal Walker.