In support of its role as NATO's training focal point for full spectrum joint operational level exercises, JWC occasionally requires various Subject Matter Experts to augment its own military and civilian expertise in order to provide a realistic and challenging exercise space.

The specific external support needed by JWC varies from exercise to exercise, but common areas include role playing representatives at the strategic and operational level from: International Organizations (IOs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Governmental Organizations (a variety of Ministries), Heads of State, Military Staff and the Intelligence community.

JWC is currently building a pool of external specialists to serve on a case-by-case basis as Short Term Operational Consultants, in support of challenging new scenarios and settings that will be executed from 2015 onwards.

Interested parties may send a CV and references highlighting their experience and suitability for supporting JWC exercises to:

The Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) located in Stavanger, Norway plans, prepares and executes operational level collective training and exercises to NATO Command and Force Structure elements in accordance with Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR’s) requirements.