Royal Navy Vice Admiral Peter Hudson CBE, Commander of NATO’s Allied Maritime Command, (MARCOM) Northwood, visited Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) on Wednesday, 4 February, in preparation for exercise TRIDENT JEWEL (TRJL 15).

Vice Admiral Hudson was welcomed to JWC by U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Roger Watkins, JWC’s Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff. Following the office call, the official programme continued with a series of detailed briefings on the planning process and coordination for the upcoming exercise.

“Our MARCOM staff has just completed Battle Staff Training this past week, a final step towards preparation for the TRIDENT JEWEL exercise in March,” said Vice Admiral Hudson, adding: “The team here at Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) has been instrumental in our preparation, and our staff is looking forward to the robust test JWC will give the headquarters as we approach completion of our Full Operational Capability certification.”