The Joint Warfare Centre conducted the Main Event/Main Incident List (MEL/MIL) Scripting Conference and STARTEX validation for Exercise STEADFAST JUNCTURE 10.

The MEL/MIL Scripting Conference and STARTEX validation was conducted from 2 to 10 March 2010 at JWC's Ulsnes Interim Training Facility with participation from HQ SHAPE, JFC Brunssum, ALCC HQ Heidelberg, HQ Eurocorps, CC Air Izmir and CC Land Madrid.

The eight-day event also included many Subject Matter Experts to add another level of realism to the MEL/MIL Scripting. The overall aim was to finalize the incident development and to script all associated injects in accordance with the exercise scenario as well as to set and finalize the simulation database. Exercise STEADFAST JUNCTURE 10, which will be conducted in May, will train, evaluate and certify the operational level of Command and Control together with NATO's NRF 15 component commands.