On the second day of the Exercise Allied Reach 2005, participants worked in syndicates at the Joint Warfare Centre Training Facilities at Ulsnes.

NATO is able to deploy a sea-based joint headquarters, and one of the syndicates has been working on a Norwegian Coast guard ship named Andenes. The main objective was to identify problems associated with the deployment and employment of the NRF and to develop solutions. An Exercise Control monitors and controls the progress in each syndicate. The EXCON is vital to bring up lessons identified from the discussions and ensure the progress of the work. EXCON plays a significant role during the final day of the Exercise, when the syndicate results will be evaluated. According to Colonel Rich Cardillo, US A, V Corps Artillery Commands, the exercise has so far met expectations. "The exercise is going very well. It is a great event because you can see NATO commanders coming together and discuss the NRF. Our syndicate group looks at a different way of approaching planning. The exercise will facilitate the foundation for the continuation of the NRF and lessons learned gathered from this exercise will help further refinement of the NRF" he said.