STAVANGER, Norway – Staff from NATO Joint Warfare Centre’s (JWC) Exercise Planning Division, IM/C41 Branch, Computer-Assisted Exercise (CAX) Support Branch, as well as NATO Communications and Information Agency's CIS Support Unit (CSU) Stavanger, participated in the NATO Functional Area Services (FAS) Course here from May 9 to 11, 2023.

The NCI Academy Mobile Training Team senior analyst, Mr Searle, and senior engineer, Mr Leal, delivered the FAS overview course. The on-site training facilitated a cost-effective way to enhance the participants’ performance and contribution to the JWC’s success in operational- and strategic-level exercise planning and execution.

The FAS course was designed to provide high-level overview of the operational capabilities, processes, and structure of NATO FAS that are designated for use in operations and exercises. It focused on functional services such as Joint Tactical Chat (JChat), Joint Operations Centre Watch Tool (JOCWatch), Joint Time Sensitive Targeting Tool (FAST), Joint Targeting System (JTS), Logistics Functional Area Services (LOGFAS), and TOPFAS (Tool for Operational Planning and Functional Area Services), amongst others.

Staying current with the latest technology and its usage within NATO helps the JWC’s IM, C4 and simulation operators to tackle challenges more effectively and efficiently, and find innovative solutions through problem-solving, if the need should arise.

Mr Dameon, a JWC information management planner, said: “The FAS course helped ensure our continued professional development by keeping our skills and expertise relevant in a rapidly evolving NATO digital landscape. Moreover, staying current with the NATO technology allows us to increase our efficiency and productivity.”

He added: “Staying knowledgeable in NATO technology equips us, as a team, with the ability to adapt to change effectively. A higher level of familiarity with NATO communication platforms and collaborative tools will enable us to work with colleagues and teams more effectively, fostering seamless teamwork and knowledge sharing. We proactively embrace change.”

1              IM/C4 stands for Information Management and Command, Control, Computer and Communications