STAVANGER, Norway – NATO Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) is hosting a Technical Course on Unified Tactical Missile Kinetic Performance Model for NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO) from August 27 through 29.

21 participants from 10 NATO Nations representing multiple major commands, research organizations and governmental agencies are currently attending the course in Stavanger, which is led by Dr Norman Hopfe, the Technical Course Director.

The course focuses on teaching how to use the new software tool for conceptual missile design and how to select a surface or air-launched mission trajectory and define the size and shape of a missile body.

Additionally, the participants learn how to define the appropriate propulsion system choosing between:

  • a Solid Propellant Rocket motor, which is still the most common choice today,
  • a Throttleable Ducted Rocket, an advanced air-breathing system for mission demanding long range and sustained high speed,
  • or potential future candidates for tactical missile propulsion like a rocket motor with gelled fuel, a hybrid rocket motor or a Solid fuel Ramjet.

This is the second iteration of the Technical Course, which was first hosted by the NATO School Oberammergau in June. It will be followed by two more Technical Courses in the United States in September.

STO TechCourse2019 2


Tactical missiles can strike and intercept targets on land, in the air and at sea. NATO needs to maintain a capability edge over potential adversaries with new and upgraded missile systems.

Concept definition is the first step towards a new missile system.

The development of a unified tactical missile kinetic performance model will provide consistency and interoperability in defence planning studies. Additionally, it allows the user to create basic design of a tactical missile with a choice of different propulsion subsystems.

Earlier this year, a task group formed by the Applied Vehicle Technology Panel of NATO’s Science and Technology Organization (STO) has leveraged the expertise of defense contractors, research organizations and governmental agencies from five NATO Nations – Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey and the United States – to create a unified tactical missile kinetic performance model.

The STO is the world’s largest collaborative research forum in the field of defence and security. It nurtures a community of more than 5,000 actively engaged scientists. The STO network draws upon the expertise of more than 200,000 people in Allied and partner nations.

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