A total of 27 personnel from NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Spain (NRDC-ESP) and 21st Spanish Signal Regiment deployed to NATO's Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) for exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 14 (TRJR 14).

The regiment's primary responsibility is to provide CIS support to NRDC-ESP.

Welcoming the Spanish team to Jatta, Danish Army Lieutenant Colonel Bo Andersen said: "Your arrival kickstarts the exercise which we have been vigorously planning since 12 December. Not that exercise planning was not exciting, but we all think that it is now time to see some action."

The Signal Regiment will be supporting the exercise by installing a satellite communication station at the JWC to enable a mission-focused Command and Control capability for the deployable Joint Task Force (JTF) HQ.

A Signal Unit led by Spanish Army Lieutenant Jacobo Palomino has set up the Deployable Communications Module ("At-The-Quick-Halt", or ATQH tactical terminal) on 23 April at JWC to enable critical communications network and high bandwidth connectivity at all locations during the execution phase of the exercise.

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"This is the first time a Signal Battalion has deployed to Jatta to install a Deployable Communications Module (DCM)," Mr. Phil Rozon from JWC's SMC4 Divison said, adding: "We have hosted DCMs at Ulsnes before, but never here, at our new training facility. Also important to note is that during the exercise, JWC will host a Deployable Joint Command and Control Centre (DJCCC) to provide vital and interoperable communications and information services between various exercise entities."

Spanish Army Major Gustavo Paredes from NRDC-ESP CIS Division said: "We face a great challenge to organize and conduct a very complex exercise. The cooperation and coordination within different entities and organizations is the cornerstone to succeed and improve NATO CIS features and capacities for the future. And TRJR 14 constitutes a magnificent opportunity to make this objective feasible."

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Exercise Background:
The Training Audiences for TRJR 14 are NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Spain (NRDC-ESP), Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (SFN) and NATO Special Operation Forces Headquarters (NSHQ).

TRJR 14 sets off a new family of NATO exercises and features many "firsts" including: the first operational level exercise sponsored by NATO's Allied Command Transformation (ACT), together with being the first exercise to train multiple Joint Task Force (JTF) headquarters derived from the new deployable NATO Force Structure (NFS).

It also marks a milestone for JWC in being the first exercise that will train two JTF headquarters simultaneously with land and maritime expeditionary aspects under a single Exercise Control (EXCON) organization, scenario and MEL/MIL script.

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