STEADFAST JUNCTURE 09 emulates the planning and execution of a NATO Crisis Response Operation using a fictitious exercise scenario that takes place beyond NATO´s geographical area using the NATO Response Force (NRF) and Deployable Joint Staff Element (DJSE) concepts.

STEADFAST JUNCTURE 09 (a major, joint decision-making Command Post Exercise - CPX / Computer Assisted Exercise - CAX) started on 19 May 2009 and it will continue until 31 May 2009 simultaneously at six locations. It involves 1812 military and civilian personnel from various headquarters and units assigned to or supporting the 13th rotation of the NATO Response Force.

Full spectrum of NATO nations
The main exercise location for NRF 13 headquarters will be Joint Warfare Centre´s Training Facility in Ulsnes, which is hosting approximately 700 personnel. They represent the full spectrum of NATO nations, as well as some Partnership for Peace (PfP) nations. The exercise is designed to train, validate and certify NATO´s Joint Command Lisbon to assume responsibility of the NRF 13 during the period from July 2009 to January 2010.

Improving the NATO Command Structure
The exercise is coordinated by Vice Admiral Bruce W. Clingan, USA Navy, Commander Allied Joint Command Lisbon. It is directed by Lieutenant General Wolfgang Korte, German Army, Commander Joint Warfare Centre. The purpose of the NRF is to provide a fully integrated combined land, sea and air force that is able to respond at short notice to a wide variety of operational commitments and missions anywhere in the world. DJSE, a new concept which was initiated in 2008, aims at improving the NATO Command Structure with regard to increased flexibility and mobility.

The extended arm
As the most efficient Command and Control at the operational level, the DJSEs will be on a very short notice to move. On a rotational basis, DJSEs will be designated to support the NATO Response Force. The purpose of the Deployable Joint Staff Element is managing operational tasks in an austere environment as the "extended arm" of the Joint Force Command Headquarters, which remains out-of-theatre.

In the exercise, Allied Land Component Headquarters Heidelberg will provide the first DJSE and serve as the "extended arm" for Allied Joint Command Lisbon. Thus, LCC HQ Heidelberg will provide Joint Force Commander, on the ground in theatre, with a lean, flexible, rapidly deployable operational headquarters element.

New DJSE structure
During the exercise, Joint Command Lisbon will have the lead in the development, testing and implementation of the new DJSE structure. Therefore, this exercise will serve as a step towards a Limited Operating Capability of the first DJSE provided by LCC HQ Heidelberg.

Responsible for planning and execution
Joint Warfare Centre has been responsible for the detailed planning and overall execution of NATO´s STEADFAST series of exercises since 2006. JWC provides the Exercise Control (EXCON) structure responsible for ensuring that the exercise aims and objectives are met. JWC also provides Training Teams during the exercise who assist the NRF 13 training audience in meeting the exercise training objectives.

Exercise Locations

  • Mons, Belgium
  • Elmpt and Ramstein, Germany
  • Italian Navy supply vessel ETNA, Italy
  • Ulsnes, Stavanger, Norway (Main exercise location)
  • Lisbon, Portugal.

Participating Headquarters

  • Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE)
  • Allied Joint Command Lisbon (JC Lisbon)
  • Allied Land Component Headquarters Heidelberg (LCC HQ Heidelberg)
  • Allied Air Component Headquarters Ramstein (ACC HQ Ramstein)
  • Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC)
  • Italian Maritime Force (ITMARFOR)
  • French Special Operations Command (FR SOCC).