STAVANGER, Norway – From September 13 to 24, NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) will conduct the Main Events List/Main Incidents List (MEL/MIL) Scripting Workshop for the computer-assisted/command post exercise (CAX/CPX) STEADFAST JACKAL 2021 (STJA21).

Directed by the JWC, STJA21 will contribute to NATO’s deterrence and defence posture, demonstrating the ability to conduct a non-Article 5 small joint operation (SJO), primarily in the land and cyber domains.

U.S. Marine Corps Brigadier General Douglas K. Clark, the JWC’s Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff, kicked off the workshop, explaining the significance of the event, and how it is designed to ensure a solid exercise script for the execution phase during the opening ceremony at the JWC on September 13.

Welcoming the external scripters to the JWC, Clark said, “Your knowledge of your individual headquarters, the shared operational experience and depth of subject matter expertise are fundamental to this process. Your efforts are welcome and will again ensure training needs will be met throughout the remaining events of STEADFAST JACKAL 2021.”

The Deputy Commander added: “As always, a good scripting event means a good execution phase. Together with the JWC’s supporting scripters in Grey Cell, Media, Opposing Forces, Intel, and Higher Control, I look forward to building the team that will be gathered together again for execution later this year.”

The workshop is the final step in the MEL/MIL process.

During the span of the workshop, the aim is to deliver a realistic exercise content that supports all primary training objectives for STJA21, based on the fictitious training scenario created by the JWC.

“We train as we fight,” Clark said. “With this team that I welcome today, I am sure that the scripting event of STEADFAST JACKAL 2021 will be a success and will set the platform for a successful and challenging execution phase later this year.”

Brigadier General Clark concluded by saying that collaboration was critically important during the scripting process. He noted that there was recognizable energy in the building, as the workshop is the JWC’s first face-to-face iteration of the STJA21 process due to COVID-19.

 “The Joint Warfare Centre is excited to operate as in the past,” Clark said.


Photos from the event: