World renowned German military band "Heeresmusikkorps 12" performed yesterday at Stavanger Concert Hall (Stavanger Konserthus), the city’s main venue for concerts and shows, in the context of Stavanger 2008 European Capital of Culture programme.

Heeresmusikkorps 12 takes part in Stavanger 2008 cultural programme with the initiative of Lieutenant General Wolfgang Korte, Director Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) to convey the Stavanger Community, JWC’s gratitude for its continued support to NATO in general, and Joint Warfare Centre in particular.

First appearance ever in Stavanger
Yesterday, it was the first appearance ever by a German military band in Stavanger. The ceremonial band has performed for presidents, dignitaries, military commanders and citizens throughout the world for more 40 years with an outstanding repertoire that include a diverse selection of marches, overtures, popular music and instrumental solos. Heeresmusikkorps 12 will continue to actively participate in community programs, including a Marching Parade and an Open-Air Concert downtown Stavanger on Sunday afternoon and an Open-Air Concert at Sandnes Busterminal at Monday 1230.

Thank you very much
- We thank the Stavanger community and its leadership for their strong support to the Joint Warfare Centre and its Staff and their families. These concerts are meant to help showcase our gratitude to the Community and its leadership. Thank you very much, Lieutenant General Wolfgang Korte said during his welcome remarks.