Exercise TRIDENT JEWEL 15 (TRJL 15) is designed to provide NATO’s Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) a realistic training environment to train and test its ability to manage a maritime-heavy, joint multinational Crisis Response Operation.

The operational-level computer assisted command post exercise will ultimately certify MARCOM’s Full Operational Capability as a Joint Headquarters and as NATO’s principal maritime advisor.

“The scenario focuses on management of a non-Article 5 crisis in a fictitious non-NATO nation.The expanded MARCOM staff will be responsible for commanding air and land forces, logistics andSpecial Forces, as well as its regular maritime capabilities such as ships, submarines, and maritime patrol aircraft,” stated an article on MARCOM’s website.

The 11-day exercise is sponsored by Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and directed by German Army Major General Reinhard Wolski, Commander Joint Warfare Centre (JWC).


Regional tensions, international concern

For the first time during TRJL 15, JWC utilizes its newly developed, fictional SKOLKAN 2.0 training scenario featuring the failing state of “ARNLAND”. The state is faced with crises on all fronts, from highly-active home-grown terrorists to economic and political collapse, which threaten peace and security in the entire region, including that of NATO member countries.

UK Royal Navy Vice Admiral Peter Hudson CB CBE, Commander MARCOM, earlier stated: “The team here at Joint Warfare Centre has been instrumental in our preparation, and our staff is looking forward to the robust test JWC will give the headquarters as we approach completion of our Full Operational Capability certification.”

During a Start of Exercise (STARTEX) speech at HQ MARCOM on 16 March, Vice Admiral Hudson highlighted the importance of Comprehensive Approach to help resolve the crisis in “ARLAND” and prevent further escalation.

He said: “Exercise TRIDENT JEWEL tests our ability to manage a significant security challenge that will require seamless coordination between myriad military headquarters and civilian organizations in order to sustain a comprehensive solution. I am very proud of how the NATO Maritime staff has planned for, and will execute, this complex and challenging exercise.”

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