Joint Warfare Centre Core Exercise Functions

The Joint Warfare Centre provides NATO’s Computer-Assisted Command Post Exercises (CAX/CPX) at the operational and strategic levels, for both non-Article 5 Crisis Response Operations and Article 5 Collective Defence.

Our training environment includes core exercise functions, organic to the Joint Warfare Centre, to ensure the best possible outcomes for any training experience:

• Our Scenario and Scripting teams create and maintain complex and realistic scenarios including storylines, incidents and operational dilemmas with a 360-degree approach to current and emerging threats.

• Our Exercise Control and Advisory teams ensure that the exercise stays on course, committed to helping the training audience meet each challenge of the exercise.

• Our Higher Control and Grey Cell replicate all non-military partners, organizations, as well as political and strategic processes.

• Our Computer Simulation team provides the birds-eye detail of all the boots on the ground, in the air and at sea.

• Our Opposing Forces create the adversarial picture designed to challenge the Training Audience.

• Our Media team provides the backbone for a complex and ever changing information battle space, covering all aspects of the conflict.

• Lastly, our Computer and Information Systems bring it all together, providing seamless communication between all parties involved.